Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Cast Trivia:
Many of you may not be aware that we have a celebrity amongst us (sorry Matt, if I embarrass you). Matt Ottinger gave Ken Jennings of "Jeopardy" a run for his money when he competed against him leading by $2400 after the first round. he even has his own Wikipedia entry! How's that for FAME. The Wikipedia entry will link you to the many sites maintained by our multi talented cast member. You can also read an interview at www.triviahalloffame.com/ottinger.htm

More Trivia compliments of Doak.

Four types of dance are mentioned in the show, each by a different character.
What are they, and who mentions them? Hint: Two are sung, two are spoken.

Did you Know?

George Washington sent up to three dispatches a day to Congress. His armies strength was dismal. As reported in the Duty Roster of the Continental Army:
Commissioned officers 589
Non-commissioned officers 722
Present and fit for duty 6,641
Sick but present 547
Sick but absent 352
On furlough 66
A.W.O.L. 1,122

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