Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Welcome to the Theatre"

Cast and crew members...a blog for you.

Why a blog? For the past 8 months my daughter has been in Thailand teaching biology. I have loved keeping up with her through her blog. In the same way, I thought this might be an effective and I hope fun way to keep you in the loop without snowing you with daily emails. I hope this space functions as a bulletin board for information about the show, a way to keep you in the loop when you must be absent from rehearsal, and a place to post trivia and photos.

Absent cast Members: We have blocked Act I-1 to the song, and I-3 to page 26. Tonight we will finish Act I-3 and run it. Mary K. our costumer has taken measurements for all but 4 cast members. If you haven't been measured yet, please see me. I passed out the following pieces of information that will be helpful to you: Bio sheets, Riverwalk Waiver, Rehearsal schedule, Contact list, Scenic design, and Stage Directions and notation sheet. Please check with Rich if you missed any of these. I will need all bios by the beginning of next week.

Makeup Kits: Academy Dance Arts is having a sale on makeup kits. If you don't have your own kit, this would be a great time to get one. I will be passing out forms that list the essential things that you will need.

Parking: When we are in the rehearsal hall or theatre, please park in the lot by the stage door. I believe there are enough spaces for everyone. If this is not the case please let Rich know and we'll open the front theatre doors and lock them after the first half hour.

Flyers: In the lobby there are half sheet and full sheet blue posters for 1776. If you would like to post them in your place of business that would be great. I believe full color posters will also be available.

Costumes: If you know anyone who sews and would be willing to help we could really use it. Mary K. will be creating some beautiful costumes but she is also working on St. Joan at the same time.

Thanks to Tom Klunzinger for our snacks, Paul Tarr for the pencils and humor, and Matt Ottinger for trivia.

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Kate Savoie said...

oh mom, you're so cute. i'm looking forward to reading all about your show. break a leg to you and all cast and crew. i look forward to seeing it when i get home!