Thursday, April 12, 2007

I Didn't Know That

Today's Trivia compliments of Doak Bloss

1. What public figure is said to be responsible for the removal of "Cool, Cool, Considerate Men" from the original film version of the play? (It was reinstated in the DVD)

2. From curtain to curtain "1776" holds the record as the Broadway musical with the longest stretch of time without what occurring?

3. Which member in Congress in real life had no fingers on his left hand?

(answers can be found on the rehearsal hall bulletin board)

George Read was a friend of Dickinson's which may explain why he clung so hard to the southern point of view. The deadlock within the Delaware delegation was in fact broken when Caesar Rodney, who in great pain rode all night from Dover, a distance of 80 miles, to vote for the motion on independence.

My first blog was titled "Welcome to the Theatre". From what musical does this song appear? Who sang it?

Thanks to all who worked so hard last night. We are done blocking Act I-3. Friday we will run the entire scene along with the first part of 1. Then we will move on to scene 5.

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