Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Go Fly a Kite

Who said , "I love Mankind, it's just people I can't stand" ?

You may be surprised. It wasn't John Adams but Charlie Brown. Ok, maybe someone else said it before him but it's a great segue to a different blog entry altogether.

I'm going to digress and brag a little bit. My beautiful and smart daughter has been in Thailand for the past year teaching biology to 9th graders at Grace International School. She'll be returning in time to see our last performance of "1776" and then, after a few weeks break, is off to Wayne State University School of Medicine. But, along with teaching, she is also directing the musical "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" at her school. Imagine the obstacles of directing a show in Thailand.

She has just emailed photos from the show and I thought you all might enjoy seeing some. So, I am going to attempt to post some on this blog. Knowing my expertise with computers (My daughter made me a "How To" computer book before she left, which tells you something about me expertise)I may or may not be successful. In any case, if I'm not successful you can go to her blog at and click on the Picassa link on the left side. It's also a pretty cool site to follow her adventures in Thailand and maybe even catch a photo or two of my trip to Thailand as well as Larry and John's trip. Enjoy.

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Bev Brandon said...

I can hardly believe that Brooke is losing Katie in a few weeks!!! It has been such a privilege and joy and fun and loads of love for Brooke to have Katies as a roommate! Oh my! God did that for Brooke. We will always hold Katie dear in our hearts. She is such a special girl with so much potential! She will make a mark in this world! She already has!