Saturday, July 14, 2007

"It's a Masterpiece I Say"

In the song The Egg John Adams sings:

"It's a masterpiece I say...

They will cheer ev'ry word,

Ev'ry letter...!

And so they did! 1776 was a huge hit selling out virtually every performance. The show enjoyed unprecedented wonderful reviews in the paper and on TV and accolades from audience members that are still continuing. In addition, the show won numerous theatre awards. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for an outstanding experience and an incredible show!

THESPIES AWARDS: for 1776 given by The Lansing State Journal:

Best Overall Show: 1776

Best Musical: 1776

Best Actor: Doak Bloss as John Adams

Best Supporting Actor: Charles Slocum as Ben Franklin

Best Character Actress:Emily English as Abigail Adams

Best Director:Jane Falion

Best Musical Direction: Lynne Palmer Warren

Best Costumes: Mary K Nees-Hodges

Best Set Dressing: Barb Stauffer

Special Award for Best Solo: Zechariah Schrum

BARNEY AWARDS: presented by Riverwalk Theatre

Lead Actor, Musical: Charles Slocum as Ben Franklin

Supporting Actor, Musical: Dale Powell as Edward Rutledge

Supporting Actress, Musical: Emily English as Abigail Adams

Featured Actor, Musical: Paul Tarr as Colonel Thomas McKean

Director: Jane Falion

Musical Direction: Lynne Palmer Warren

Choreography: David Schmidt

Set Design: Jane Falion

Set Dressing: Jane Falion

Backstage Award: Rich Helder

Howard Lancour Award: Zechariah Schrum


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